The US health disaster spreads to the UK, Canada and Australia

Privatisation of healthcare is racing ahead in Australia, Canada and the UK. In Australia, one-third of all hospital beds are now private. In the UK, 7 billion pounds worth of new healthcare contracts have been opened to private bidding.  In 2011, the UK National Health Service increased its private spending by 10%. NHS hospitals can now use up to 49% of their beds for private patients. Canada is now turning to privatisation to deal with waiting times. But no one has learned from the USA’s bitter lessons.
Private hospitals do not offer whole-of-treatment quotes. Private patients can easily get half a dozen different bills for one surgery alone. Assessing the gap between private insurance rebates and the array of different bills and charges is impossible. Private patients simply cannot shop around to get the best prices, so there is no market driver to force costs down and make private hospitals competitive. Some private patients are experiencing enormous and unexpected out of pocket costs, even with insurance. Private cancer treatments costing a minimum of $10,000 in out of pocket costs are being reported in the mainstream media.
Over servicing of some private patients, is also being documented. Doctors can feel pressured to give patients ‘something tangible in return for their large insurance premiums’. Complex financial deals between hospitals and pathology clinics can leave the door open to unnecessary test and treatments rather than providing good solid healthcare.
Problems caused by a lack of suitably qualified medical staff in some private hospitals is also being raised. Private hospitals have been criticised for providing overpriced and substandard care.  In Australia, a cocaine-addicted neurosurgeon was allowed to operate freely on private patients while the public hospital nearby had banned him because of his low clinical standards.  Lack of medical attention 24 hours a day in private hospitals can leave patients at risk of missing out on vital medical attention. Fewer qualified and permanent nursing staff mean higher rates of hospital errors. Lack of adequate  allied health services, discharge planning and outpatient care, can leave private patients bouncing back to emergency departments, or frequenting their GP.
Lack of transparency in private hospitals is an ongoing complaint raised in the media. Some doctors are complaining about the gaps in private hospitals reporting statistics. Private health insurers are well aware of the problems in many private hospitals, due to their extensive data collection. Many private patients are giving negative feedback about their care. In Australia, no private hospital is legally obligated to supply data on hospital errors to the National Health Performance Authority. The consumer orientated MyHospitals website contains gaps on private hospital statistics.
Claims are surfacing that health bureaucrats are failing to properly investigate claims of bad care by private hospitals. So why do Western politicians persist in ignoring the warnings about private health care? Follow the money, and you may find some answers. Health care is one of the most profitable industries in the western world. “One in very six dollars in the Unites States flows through the health system”. Over 70% of professional lobbyists in the USA represent the health industries. In Australia, health is the largest single employer. This is a monster industry. There are billions of dollars involved in pathology testing, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. And as the urban dictionary explains, the phrase ‘Money talks, bullshit walks’ refers to talk being cheap, while money will persuade people to do as you like.
Australians should think carefully about who they vote for at the next federal election. Who is prepared to demand lower prices and higher quality from this troubled industry?

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