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  • Instead of a ‘dump’ of completely unrelated health tech services, we sort information by specialty, technology and problems they solve
  • Instead of leaving you bewildered by too much information, we offer one-to-one consultations to make choosing the right health technology easier
  • For clinicians we include practice management software. Business people need business solutions.
  • For patients we include cost-saving software. Health care is expensive. You deserve to know about your options.

See what sort of information we offer

Accelerator programs

Searchable list of international lists of health startups, by technology used, problem solved, medical specialty or allied health service

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Clinical practice software, diagnostic tools, medical records, medical apps, patient apps, chronic disease management, smart home monitoring

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Health companies

Trends in health technology, problems they are actually addressing, feedback from ground floor staff

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Hospital software, staff communication tools, patient flow software, new diagnostics, smart patient monitoring, medical records, managing hospital errors, discharge management, analytics of high risk readmissions and chronic disease management

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Nursing homes

Aged care assessments, nursing home admissions, government documentation, medical directives, family details, smart monitoring for incontinence, vital signs and falls


New diagnostics and upcoming treatments, how to avoid over servicing and unnecessary bills, disease education and advice on managing side effects of treatments, chronic disease management and managing families

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Practice management software, library of exercises, smart wearable devices, cloud progress monitoring, analytics, teleconferencing, customer feedback and follow up, customer ratings and payments

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Who your competition is and what they have, that you need, health industry problems that urgently need to be solved, who is likely to pay your bills

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Venture capitalists

Understanding what are the real needs in healthcare, which startups are fixing them and which are not, list of international health startups, sortable by technology, medical specialty, profession and by founders

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“I have known Delia Scales through her terrific site Wikihospitals for several years and we share similar ideas about health startups.”

Grant Blashki | Family Doctor Expert


“Delia’s Wikihospitals blog is a wake-up call for the health care industry to cut the wastage and start engaging with local solutions.”

Simon Carter | PredictBGL

“I have known Delia Scales for over two years now and Delia is doing some outstanding work for the health care community. With her background as an acute care nurse she has the insights, knowledge and experience to share her knowledge and expertise with healthcare consumers on her Wikihospitals blog.”

Patrik Hutzel | Intensive Care at Home

“Delia has done an exceptional job at collecting an up to date database of emerging health startups globally. A nurse by profession and an active member of the global digital health startup community, she ensures the curation of the database is appropriate and useful for entrepreneurs, investors, clinicians and patients. She is a respected public health thought leader on social networks, which further reinforces her credibility.”

Barry Nguyen | Phyto

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