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If it can be picked up, stitched up, screwed on and looked through, it’s probably in our database. We offer a very affordable way to find that latest in utilitarian but modern health tools. All sorted by medical specialty, clinical role, health facility, country of origin and product type.

It’s your right to know about the latest products. And it’s our role to give you this information, in an affordable and easy to manage format.

Learn about common hospital errors and how easily they could be prevented. 

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See how useful a global directory of health technology hand held devices can be for Doctors, allied health services and patients.

Healthcare is a pragmatic profession. We give you the tools to fix everyday problems.

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Some incredibly useful things you have probably never heard of

That can keep you away from Emergency Departments
smart tablet, ipad, touch screen


A simplified touch screen device, with big, easy to understand icons, for easy navigation and no clutter.

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Listings, code


A workflow management solution for people working in the disability and aged-care sector, build on the Salesforce platform. Formerly Enrite Care.

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Listings, hospital bed, Doctor

Lenexa medical

Smart sheets to identify people at risk of developing pressure ulcers and therefore preventing them from becoming expensive and devastating problems.

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Listen to the workers

There is a relationship between populist uprisings like Brexit and new developments in healthcare like concierge medicine, or pay cash for health services.

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Jeff Matthews MD@JBMatthews
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@JBMatthews: If you don’t realize this is how 99% of doctors feel, you’re not paying attention.

Keep insulting doctors, and good luck finding a physician in 10 years https://t.co/cY9asiO9Ky via @kevinmd
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Dr. Zubin Damania@ZDoggMD
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@ZDoggMD: Thousands die yearly from medical errors, but technology that can help is often resisted by clinicians and administrators. Why? @MartyMakary & I talk about it with @pelutran, founder of @augmedix and @FerrumHealth https://t.co/yT0QnDj0Z0
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Delia @wikihospitals
Personally – Homelessness a broader symptom of focusing taxes on bloated hospitals when community care is cheaper, more effective. We have v similar issues in Oz. Solution? Work 4 welfare programs & support blue collar jobs, fund public housing not ED beds. https://t.co/IjR7Tk5WeS

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