A new way of providing healthcare has arrived ...

Home care
Home diagnosis
Home consultations

But most people don’t know these services exists!

At Wikihospitals, our aim is to inform and educate the public about better (and cheaper) ways to get healthcare.

Stay out of  Emergency Departments! Keep your conditions stable with apps, smart devices and internet of things.

Replace ‘tick and flick’ appointments with the ongoing relationship of concierge  medicine.

And consider paying cash to buy the best health tech on the market, for yourself and your family. 

You deserve the best health care available. 

And we have created a global directory that is easy to search and find the products you need!

A small sample
of our directory of health services
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Medical technology service designed to service rural areas. Include a patient walk-in clinic equipped with diagnostic devices, rural clinics operated by trained technicians, outreach services and telemedicine consultations.

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patient education


A free app allowing patients to record their Doctors appointments, making it easier to understand medical jargon, their diagnosis and prescribed treatments.

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An online healthcare marketplace, allowing patients to compare prices and buy online.

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A virtual scribe app for Doctors, allowing them to dictate notes about their patients on the go, that sync to medical records.

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An app that connects patients and Doctors using a telemedicine portal. They manage bookings, payments and secure video conferencing.

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An app that integrates medical records, connecting individuals and Doctors. New Zealand’s leading mobile and digital health management platform.

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Down to earth
Making health tech easy

Hi, I’m Delia, a retired nurse who has spent years learning about new technology services.

My mission is to connect these small companies with their target market – clinicians and patients.

The current health system has a lot of errors. A lot of money is wasted. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Welcome to my website! And enjoy the information it has to offer.

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