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Join the movement to change

the medical & health industry



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Join the movement to change

the medical & health industry



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Promoting health technology since 2012

Wikihospitals is run by two health professionals with a deep interest in technology and innovation.

We understand the needs of those working in the industry, the problems patients often encounter, and struggle that Health Startups face  gaining acceptance by Governments and Health Insurers.

Solving Problems

Everything you need to know about what’s available and what can help your business

Avoiding Errors

What really goes wrong, why and how it can be avoided.

Saving Money

Essential for both patients and health professionals. Work smarter, cut waste, use smart technology

An international database of innovative health services

A joint project is underway, involving health professionals, Swinburne University, Australian entrepreneurs and technology experts. An example of Aged Care services are displayed below.

Health Technology Made Accessible

No more ‘wonderful ideas’ being duplicated across the country because people simply don’t know what others are doing. No more missing out on new ideas being developed in other countries because information is not shared across borders.

Problems are international. So are solutions.

Health Technology Made Relevant

Forget having thousands of new tech services (the majority of them irrelevant to your needs), dumped on you, then put up with being told it’s your fault, that you don’t understand their relevance.

Knowledge about health technology is essential. But in a way that is understandable.


Percentage of deaths believed to be linked to healthcare errors


Current investment rates in health technology

Why Wikihospitals?

Why create a business explaining health technology to health professionals and administrators? Why is health technology so much safer for patients?

Don’t Miss Out

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Featured Blogs

The failures in third party payment systems like Government and Private Insurance health schemes. Secrecy over errors, bloated bureaucracies and a generic payment systems that does not encourage improvement or discourage failures. The growth of pay as you go services from allied health to concierge medicine and dentistry. Read on…

Praxhub – just what the Doctor ordered

2 OCTOBER, 2018 Australian entrepreneurs Medical platform Networking, education, interests This is a transcript from the recent podcast with Steve Snow, co founder of Praxhub. Delia: Steve, you're co-founder of Praxhub, a platform for doctors to share educational...

Vale Sally Crossing

This article is a tribute to Sally Crossing. She was a tireless advocate for cancer patients, and lobbied for greater accountability of the health industry.

Featured Podcasts

Why engineers and Dads, data specialists and ex lawyers are dedicating years of their life and all their savings, just to make one great product. Why fixing healthcare has become a global obsession.

Leaders In Their Industry

Barry and Delia have years of experience

  • Barry is a highly regarded tech entrepreneur, advisor and physical therapist
  • Delia interviews Australia’s best health startups 
  • Barry serves as an advisor to multiple organisations globally ranging from high growth startups, non-for-profits to large corporations
  • Delia blogs about health startup events, accelerator programs and patients experiences


Experienced health professions with big visions about reforming the health industry

Delia Scales

Delia Scales

Co founder

Barry Nguyen

Barry Nguyen

Co founder


“I have known Delia Scales through her terrific site Wikihospitals for several years and we share similar ideas about health startups.”

Grant Blashki

Family Doctor Expert

“Delia’s Wikihospitals blog is a wake-up call for the healthcare industry to cut the wastage and start engaging with local solutions.”

Simon Carter


“I have known Delia Scales for over two years now and Delia is doing some outstanding work for the health care community. With her background as an acute care nurse she has the insights, knowledge and experience to share her knowledge and expertise with healthcare consumers on her Wikihospitals blog.”

Patrik Hutzel

Intensive Care at Home

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